Vampire Hunters Escape Room

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You are all brave Vampire Hunters on the trail of the infamous Count Antoine Baltar. You have tracked him to his secret lair but unfortunately he is a very powerful Vampire and only one weapon can defeat him: The stake of Van Helsing.

He has that stake which is hidden somewhere in his manor. Can you gain access to Baltar’s crypt? Hurry locate the stake, and end his reign of terror before sundown?

If you fail, you will become his next meal and Baltar will continue to feed his blood thirst and continue his reign forever!

Minimum Number of Players: 3

Recommended Number of Players: 4 to 8

Challenge level –  Hard

Maximum Number of Players: 10

This is a semi dark room and may also have jump scares.  

**Ages 11+ are recommended in the room (should you reserve anyone under the age of 11, management has the right to decline admission, 11-15 years of age will require an adult in the room. 


    5 star review  We did the Elixir of Immortality room and it was a great experience. Challenging but not impossible! The atmosphere was engaging and very clean. Service was lovely and staff were passionate about creating an enjoyable, friendly and fun experience. We will definitely be back to try out their other rooms.

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